Special Appeal

Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi on March 10th of last month and continued wreaking havoc for several days. This is the worst storm many have known to hit the area. The Future Vision Ministry (FVM) Board members were able to Zoom with Newton, FVM Country Manager, and receive an update on conditions after the storm. Thankfully, Newton had been able to reach the areas of Taulo and Sunuzi with some immediate support for food as many had not eaten for two days. Sunuzi Primary School and the nursery school FVM constructed have become impromptu shelters with 122 families at the primary school and 76 families at the nursery school. With deep gratitude Newton reported that one of the new boreholes, completed just before the storm, has been the only source of safe water for a whole town as they were cut off from other sources by damaged bridges. We are so thankful for the aid Newton and his team have been able to provide, with the support of Future Vision Ministries – Canada.


We are sending this special appeal for funds to directly give aid for recovery from the cyclone. Most public and private infrastructure in the area, including many homes and roads, have been severely damaged. People are in need of food, shelter, clothing and medication.

Thank you for the generosity of your care, prayers and financial support. You are part of giving hope to ones who are experiencing the deep pain of confusion and loss. Please feel free to reach out through social media messaging, email or phone call for more information about the needs, or how donations will be used.


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