Thank You!

A sincere thank you for all who attended the Art & Dessert Night fundraiser held in support of the Healthcare Centre. The art portion raised

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September Malawi Update

Sports, Community Connection & Health Services On August 24th the Sports tournament happened at Sunuzi School Grounds. This was a wonderful time of community connection

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August Malawi Update

GRADUATION TIME! Recently there was much excitement as we witnessed the graduation of children from nursery school to formal primary school. Ninety-eight children graduated! It

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June 2023 Report

EARLY CHILDHOOD, CYCLONE RELIEF AND LOOKING FORWARD Community-Based Childcare Centres In May’s e-blast we mentioned several graduations. These celebrations are always a reminder of building

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Special Report

A Malawian Success Story…Education and Healthcare “I would like to be a medical doctor…I want to help old and sick people.“–Truder Kawaza, 9 years old

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May 2023 Report

GRADUATION, CYCLONE RECOVERY & HEALTHCARE CENTRE Graduation Time Eleven teaching volunteers attended training in Early Childhood Development (ECD) at the Association of Early Childhood Development

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Special Appeal

Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi on March 10th of last month and continued wreaking havoc for several days. This is the worst storm many have known

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March Malawi Update

CHRISTMAS, CHOLERA AND CLINICS Christmas… The sports tournament in Mulanje (Nandolo Village) was attended by over 2,000 spectators who viewed netball and football games. The

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