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Serving in the Warm Heart of Africa


Early Childhood Development

Before FVM started work in Taulo, the assessment exercise revealed that there were no programmes to help the development of the children in the area. There were no nursery schools. The assessment also showed that high level of poverty has been one of the contributing factors of not being able to start community based child care centres (CBCC) as the community members lacked basic resources to construct one. FVM started by involving the community members in planning for the development of their community through preschool education and feeding programmes.

In the year 2010, the community molded more than 60,000 bricks to be used for the construction of a nursery school facility. From 13 September, 2010 preschool and feeding programmes started with about 300 children in Taulo Area using the building rehabilitated by FVM. Afterwards, a larger facility was provided by FVM. Today, more than 700 children participate in the preschool and feeding programmes


Education & Scholarships

Education was an important area of focus for the development of the communities in Taulo and Nandolo. FVM has been proactive in providing funds for education for secondary school, college and university. In the space of five years, more than 120 young people have benefitted from such a provision. 13 college students have received scholarships, and to date, two have graduated with diploma and a degree. In 2016, four students are graduating with bachelor’s degrees from University of Malawi, Chancellor College. In 2016, 64 students are pursing education through FVM’s scholarship programmes.


Water & Sanitation

FVM has been engaged in the provision of clean and safe water through the drilling and ongoing maintenance of boreholes (deep wells), and the training of water users committees in borehole maintenance and cleanliness. So far, FVM has provided 13 wells.

Eye Care

FVM has been carrying out Eye Care programmes in the areas of Taulo and Nandolo for four years now in conjunction with the Malawi Government Ministry of Health, Lions Norway and BICO (Blantyre Institute of Community Ophthalmology). Many people have undergone successful cataract surgery and numerous others have been given eye glasses free of charge. FVM has been providing all the necessary assistance to take the people to and from the hospital for surgery and treatment.

Spiritual and Pastoral Care

Various activities are carried out to impact the souls of mankind. Transformational development, which by definition is holistic in nature, cannot happen without reaching out to the human being with the message of the transforming power of God through Christ Jesus.

There are well established Bible study groups in the communities which are run by the community members themselves. Several local Malawian pastors faithfully contribute their time to these groups.

Humanitarian Aid

Over the last 10 years there have been devastating droughts followed by catastrophic cyclones and flash floods. Many in the areas where we work lost their crops, livestock, homes and even their lives. Food security is a constant issue as well as the increase of cholera and other water born diseases. 

FVM works with local village committees and our volunteers to distribute food, basic necessities and provide shelter for families in the childcare centre as well as rebuilding a number of homes.

Food Security

The community is enabled to be involved in providing the meals for their own children. Soybean seeds are distributed to the community members to multiply through farming so that in return they can give back a little more for their children and return a percentage to FVM as seed for the future. This ambitious project has been hit by adverse conditions in two consecutive years, 2015 and 2016. In 2015 there were floods followed by a dry spell, and in the 2016 farming season, another dry spell has scorched the crop.

Youth Development

FVM has been assisting the communities of Taulo and Nandolo in holding sports tournaments each year where important messages are shared among participants and spectators. In addition to encouraging dialogue on the issues of early (childhood) marriages and importance of education, HIV/AIDS and other cultural practices that are detrimental to human development, the community members are also entertained thereby contributing to their social life development. Netball (similar to basketball) and football teams compete for trophies and cash awards. These events are attended by thousands of spectators from the local villages.


FVM has been proactive in developing its staff through education and workshops. Newton Sindo, Country Manager, has been attending short term courses in project management and long term college education. Within a space of five years, he has successfully completed a certificate in Nutrition & Child Care, Certificate in Project Management, Diploma in Business Management, Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and most recently a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. ​ Maria Phiri has been one of the beneficiaries of this programme. She studied Business and Home Management. She was picked from the vulnerable groups of people due to her albinism so that she would be an example of hope to others. In Malawi people with albinism are facing challenges of various types like discrimination and a belief that their bodies and body parts bring good fortune and financial success to people, so many are abducted and killed.

Women's Empowerment

Women are brought together to learn development skills like tailoring, cooking and home management. So far, much has been done in tailoring with the donation of several treadle sewing machines. The ultimate goal is the potential for Income Generating Activities (IGA’s) with economic self sufficiency for women especially those widowed and caring for large families. At their own request there is now a literacy programme being developed as well.

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