Who We Are

FVM (Canada) is an international charitable organization operating out of Cambridge, Ontario.  We identify, initiate, and support community-based programmes in Malawi, Central Africa.


It is the mandate of Future Vision Ministries to practically minister to:

•  Malawi, Central Africa through Taulo Early Childhood Development Initiative in Zomba District and Nandolo Early Childhood Development in Mulanje District

•  Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia through weekly radio broadcasts by Newton Sindo and other Malawian Christian leaders in Chichewa, Chitumbuka and English.

It is our goal to collaborate and provide support to enhance active community development and leadership. Consequently, programmes are multi-faceted and broad based.  It is our prayer that the vision and direction for our ministry always have its source in the love, hope, compassion, and eternal peace that is offered by Jesus Christ.

Any future programmes will continue to reflect this mission. We will move into new areas of ministry only as God directs and financial support warrants. FVM welcomes those who share the vision to join with us and to support these activities through prayer, active participation, and financial assistance.


The goal of Future Vision Ministries is to minister to the needs of the whole person—spirit, soul and body—within the framework of their cultural and ethnic heritage. FVM is an international charitable organization based on Christian values. We partner with local groups and leaders to develop community-based programmes in Malawi, Central Africa.

The FVM Story

In 1994 Dan and Chris Hayhoe moved to Malawi from Canada with their five children. There they not only fell in love with the people but also realized the potential for partnership with local African leaders to assist in addressing some of the challenges they identified in Malawi. The first developments were in northern Malawi at Matunkha Centre between 1997 and 2007. This was handed over to the Malawian Board of Directors in 2007.

Since then FVM has maintained a focus on Early Childhood Development in Southern Malawi. We are working together in Taulo ( Zomba District ) and Nandolo ( Mulanje District ).

HIV/AIDS, coupled with extreme poverty and frequent droughts, has been claiming lives in Malawi since the mid-1980s. Today, AIDS has destroyed an entire generation. From 20 to 60 years old, the population has been decimated. 1.2 million children under age 15 are orphaned.

But still there is hope. As Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa, said in his 2005 Massey Lecture Series: “I believe to the depths of my being that Africa will one day rejoice in a time when families are whole and funerals are rare. It’s just so bitter that such multitudes of lives are being lost along the way. It’s hard not to be in a near stupor of anger. And yet I’m sustained, as so many Africans are, by the memories of what the continent used to be, and the conviction that the present will one day reunite with the best of the past.”

Malawian Board of Directors


Dr. Khumbo Kalua

Alan J.W. Chinula



Newton Sindo
Country Manager

International Board of Directors


Dr. Dan Hayhoe

Dr. Jan Hux

Terry Wills

Nathan Hayhoe

Wendy Hayhoe

Joseph Brereton

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