May 2023 Report


Graduation Time

Eleven teaching volunteers attended training in Early Childhood Development (ECD) at the Association of Early Childhood Development of Malawi Centre in Blantyre between April 2 and 14th. This time was for additional skills training for the caregivers. We are so thankful for the investment of time our volunteers make, both for training and for the care of the precious lives of the next generation!

Idah graduated with a Master of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies degree from the University of Malawi. Congratulations Idah, for this accomplishment! As well,Truder Kawaza graduated with MBBS with outstanding performance. Her story inspires us all. There will be a special post celebrating Truder’s lifelong story towards this milestone. Stay tuned!

Cyclone Freddy Recovery

The recovery process continues, while day-to-day scheduling has resumed. The children have returned to school. The persons displaced by the cyclone clear out from the school buildings for the school hours and return for the evening and a place to sleep. Immediate food needs were supported. Thank you, thank you, to those who gave directly towards this relief. Your generosity has made such a difference!

An encouraging article was posted in the Malawi 24 mentioning these relief efforts. Here is the link:

Healthcare Centre

We continue on with progress on drawings and initial plans.

Can you please join us in praying as arrangements are made for key persons needed for the planning and construction within Malawi? 

The initial drawings are ready to be sent to begin the approval process over the next few weeks. Although we are behind the ambitious schedule that was first set, due to some life events and the cyclone, we are seeing perfect timing as we learn and develop greater understanding of what will make the Healthcare Centre viable in the long run. And that is our desire. Not just a building, but a facility that thrives longterm with lifegiving solutions and care.


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