September Malawi Update

Despite challenging times in Malawi, FVM has forged ahead with some exciting activities in the Taulo community where FVM-C carries out development work.  Part of our initiatives include ministering to the community in regards to health-care needs, as well as providing opportunities for youth development, and so this past month there has been dedication to these areas.


People lining up for out-patient consultations.

Within the community FVM has been conducting many health-care related tests and assessments of community members.  Out-Patient consultations were given and a total of 104 different cases were seen such as malaria, coughing, and other complications.  Th results of other tests included:

  • 53 people underwent HIV tests. One woman was found positive and was linked to the nearest health centre for care. 
  • 7 women were screened for cervical cancer and one was found positive and was referred to the hospital for treatment.
  • 78 people of ages 40-65 years were screened for hypertension. 7 people were diagnosed with hypertension. Tips were given for treatment.


​More than 3,500 people attended the yearly sports tournaments held for youth in the community.  Sunuzi School won both the football and netball tournament and they went away with trophies and cash prizes.  Female teachers from Zomba Urban Secondary School played with women in Taulo as curtain-raisers (even Idah joined in on the teacher’s netball team!) . The teachers were included to inspire the youth, especially girls, on the importance of education.  Not only is this event to share some fun and physical activity, but the sports tournament event is an opportunity to share with youth important health messages in regards to HIV & AIDS, education, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), family planning, harmful cultural practices that spread sexually transmitted diseases/infections, and Covid-19 prevention.!

Please continue to pray for prices of goods and services, as they are unpredictable which affects the planning and programming of activities.  There is also an acute scarcity of diesel (gas) in Malawi which has been challenging.

—-Newton Sunday Sindo


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