Thank You!

A sincere thank you for all who attended the Art & Dessert Night fundraiser held in support of the Healthcare Centre. The art portion raised $3,705 and the Malawian artifacts $475. We are so appreciative of the artists who donated their work, and all who came. It was heartwarming to see people gathered together, lots of visiting, meeting new friends and learning more of the proposed plans for the Healthcare Centre.


When there is an opportunity to share about Future Vision Ministries’ support in Malawi, I am always a little in awe of the many services that are provided. Services that are helping some of the poorest communities in Malawi begin to thrive. Our hearts are breaking with the death of so many little ones in wars happening around the world, and by starvation and disease. We know children are the future of these communities, the hope of change, the chance to carve a new path. This is only when children are supported from a young age nutritionally, given the love and information needed to make good choices as they grow, and are supported educationally. Add to this healthcare and clean water initiatives, women’s empowerment, support & training of staff and volunteers and messages of hope in Jesus and you begin to form a picture of how your donations are making a difference through what Future Vision Ministries is able to do. Together we really can bring light and hope!

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
John 1:5


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