March Malawi Update


Newton Sindo, FVM Country Manager, presented his report to the Board at our last meeting. There has been so much accomplished and we are so grateful to Newton and the FVM-Malawi team. Here are a few statistics from Newton’s report: 

Education is the catalyst of sustainable development. About 70% of the beneficiaries in the final year of secondary education (MSCE) are those FVM-Canada (FVM-C) started supporting in 2010 with the preschool and feeding programme when they were 4 years old. 52% (11 of 21) of students in universities and colleges are from the Taulo community who have been receiving education support for a minimum of 5 years in secondary school. This is a huge improvement from 0% in tertiary education before 2010 when FVM-C carried out a baseline assessment. Only two secondary school girls (0.02%) dropped out of school due to early marriages, and this improved from about 23% before 2010. This entails that FVM-C has contributed hugely towards the educational transformation of the communities.


The FVM team and friends and family’s hearts ache in our earthly goodbye to a beautiful friend.

Adolla was a much-loved member of the FVM team of volunteers at the Chinangwa Nursery School in the Taulo region of Southern Malawi. She faithfully served hundreds of little children daily for more than 12 years before her sudden and tragic death this month. She was a literal embodiment of the mandate of Future Vision Ministries ” to minister to the needs of the whole person…spirit, soul and body.”

Spiritually, she was an example of the love of Jesus, who said, “allow the little children to come to me and do not hinder them.”  Her soul consistently displayed “the meekness and gentleness” of Jesus.

Adolla served untold thousands of meals of nutritious likuni phala to children who would otherwise frequently have nothing to eat. Adolla will be remembered for her unfailing brilliant smile regardless of the sometimes difficult circumstances of her own life.

We love you and miss you, Adolla. We will meet again along with the many children whom you lovingly cared for and with whom you shared the love of Jesus.

We would like to introduce you to a new Board Member. Teresa Bumstead is a dedicated and compassionate Registered Nurse with a progressive career history in direct patient care, triage and care coordination in a fast-paced environment. Teresa is an empathetic communicator with a heart for Jesus and deep compassion for people, with the desire that quality healthcare be available to the least-reached in our world.

We wish you an Easter overflowing with remembrance and joy in the gift of Jesus’ life, bringing abundant, resurrection life to all who believe.

The Future Vision Ministries family (North America and Malawi)


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