February 2024 Report


2024 opens with 513 children enrolled in preschool and more than 390 benefiting daily with meals at school. 105 teens and young adults (26 in universities and colleges, and 79 in secondary schools) are benefiting from the Education Assistance Program. About 70% of them have been helped and motivated by FVM-C since they were 3 years old at preschool. This trend makes FVM-C unique among NGOs!

Three interface meetings were conducted between children, parents, faith
and community leaders, and government and NGOs on cross-cutting issues
such as education, sexual reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence, and child marriages. Two interface meetings were conducted with the Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) group using sports to tackle discussing motherhood and sexual and reproductive health issues.

Ass. Sup. Rose Chiwaya addressing people on gender-based violence.

Several young people in secondary schools, colleges, and universities have
been reached with the good news through the Student Christian Organization of Malawi (SCOM). The platform has also been used to counsel the youth in academics, health, and ethics.

Also, community-based bible study sessions are planned to start in March, once the busy season in the fields is finished.

The weekly radio broadcasts have been done without interruptions on Trans World Radio, reaching out to more than 4 million listeners with the Good News. The following comments are an example of the feedback received:
“Request, is it not possible to increase time for the Time of Reflection radio
programme. I am usually very blessed with this programme.”
“I very much like the Balani Radio programme so much. May you
consider starting your ministry here in Chitipa.”

Joyful Calendars have been widely distributed especially to the predominantly
Islamic areas.

There have been important and productive meetings with the Malawi Government Ministry of Health on the planned health facility construction project. The design is almost approved. An MOU has been prepared and some accompanying documents are being finished up. These are exciting steps forward!


Andrew Paul, a 12-year-old boy who went through one of our Nursery Schools, impressed all of us by being the first child to show passion for environmental conservation and was recognized by FVM-C through the Kyle Hayhoe Leadership Award. He raised over 1,000 tree seedlings and grew bananas, tea seedlings, pineapples, maize, and onions. He is an inspiration!

Community members growing corn to supplement the food for their children.

The hunger situation is dire in Malawi, firstly due to the effects of Tropical
Cyclone Freddy last year, and now the erratic rain pattern this year. 90%
of the rural population are suffering severely. Can you please join in praying for good rains in this season and relief from food shortages and hunger?

The Future Vision Ministries family (North America and Malawi)


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