June Malawi Update

Exciting Progress in Malawi!

It has been an exciting month since our last update. Dan Hayhoe and Dan Rochon travelled to Malawi and had significant meetings and planning sessions for the Health Centre. An architect was selected and commenced work immediately on producing enhanced drawings. The group walked the whole property for the Health Centre. It was good to see the latest added section, significantly increasing the usable land. Dan Rochon and the Malawian architect, Mathias, spent significant time studying the topography and orienting structures to attain the best light and breeze at various times of the day while allowing space for future expansion.

Important meetings were held in the planning of the new Sunuzi Health Centre.

Important Visits

The “two Dans”, travelled to Sunuzi (Taulo) to visit G.V.H (Group Village Headman) Chief Taulo and, as always, were warmly welcomed. He thanked FVM profusely for the work done in his chieftaincy area (with 22 chiefs under his authority) and promised his continued support for the Health Centre. Chief Nambuya was also present, head of the village where the Chinangwa nursery school serves the community. Several other community leaders were also there to attest to their support.

The group travelled to Taulo to spend the day at Chinangwa nursery school, participate in the feeding of the children and observe the teaching. Dan R. was impressed with the impact on hundreds of children. He polished off his bowl of likuni phala in short order.

The volunteers are doing an amazing job of nourishing, mentoring and teaching the children … spirit, soul and body. Bible study in the afternoon was well attended with lots of singing and drumming. While plans for the Health Centre are being finalized for the building to start, the project manager is arranging for needed repairs for the nursery schools.

Time was spent with the family of Adolla, the FVM volunteer who was struck by lightning and killed. Her orphaned children are being raised by her mother and sister. Their names for your prayers are Chimwemwe (meaning joy or happiness), Caroline, Brian, Ruth and Miriam.

Courtesy calls with the District Health Officer and the District Commissioner were set up. The District Commissioner is very enthusiastic about the Health Centre.

It was a busy week!

A Special Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep thanks to Dan Rochon. Dan has done so much for the Health Centre, and continues to communicate daily with the architect in Malawi to work out details. Dan, the guidance and input you have provided from yourself, and your team, are deeply appreciated.

New Wheels

Travel is always a challenge and with the Health Centre work beginning, there is a need for the project manager and others to be able to get between meetings and the site.  There was consideration of rebuilding an old vehicle that has been unusable for some time. However, the better decision seemed to be purchasing a motorbike, which will be efficient with fuel and can be used after the Health Centre is completed. The FVM driver does not look too sad about this new addition!

We look forward to sharing further stories and photos as planning continues and work begins with the Health Centre. Please pray with us through this process.

The Future Vision Ministries family (North America and Malawi)


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